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What a fucking lame ass saturday

HEY EVERYBODY LOOK AT MY ACTUAL JOURNAL!! it's really cool it's got a picture of a great movie and i never thought I could do that...SO SEE IT!!! ISNT IT THE SHIT??

Ok well yeah LOOK...alright I'll update a bit...this is for YOU LEILANI!! yay...well im a little upset right now because I didn't find anything to do tonight and im at home with my family hich i didn want to be...I wanted to go for a fucking walking down the street and they said no and that kinda pissed me off...i just dont fucking get it.

Yeah so i called a lot of people to talk but i didnt get to really talk to fucking anybody so right now Im trying to fix my myspace up a little... check it out if you want http://www.myspace.com/sellyourdreams

I had a pretty fun friday i went driving around and broke a few driving rules with five other ppl in a car that probably ould only really fit four. i witnessed a narcotics bust, and I was SUPPOSED to get drunk but that didnt happen. It was still a lot better kinda of night than what im doing now...

well check ya lata
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