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Its hallway time...and its my OPINIONS.

Hey I'm back, with another Hallway Chronicles, probably not as good as the last one though, THAT caused QUITE the uproar. Once again, to tiffany and leah (love ya both), hope you know now that they are my opinions and i hope you understand my replys and respect them as I respected yours

Thanks to all who supported my last entry as well!

Hallway quote: "You suck at life!!" I actually really like this, i found it amusing that someone said this, and i have been using it myself.

A retraction for Tiffany: I put down what seemed like I absolutely HATED it when people told me to drop sierra, but it didn't really piss me off that much. Sure it bothered me, but contrary to popular belief I listened. And thats why me and her werent as good of friends at the end of the year, and why I broke her trust and went out with Leigh (probably, i really DONT know why i did that). I wouldnt do that to neof you guys, because yall are way better that her. But i still thought she was a good friend and i never really saw ne of her flaws. NOW i do, i really hate her now, but yet I doubt i see a lot of the flaws that you did...but hey theres no going back to her. Im just saying that no one really like to be told to drop a friend, yet some do neway, i;ve heard it ALL throughout the hallways, and if told so you would probably listen, but with no actions.

Allright, pretty crappy topic, but what the fuck is the deal with safety pins? i Really don't get it. When did safety pins become one of the symbols of the punk rock movement and why? There may be a logical reason but hells bells i dont know it, and probably wouldnt understand. I have one very large safety pin i got from Tiffany last year, that's it, and I just think it's cool because its EXTREMELY huge, not because it's "Punk Rock". Honestly who got the idea to say that something mainly designed to hold up articles of clothing would be cool...I see safety pins all over everything. There is a guy, who is actually pretty cool, but he has probably 100 safety pins on his backpack and some spell out the word "Tripp" i see others with dozens. I just don't see how this is cool...i can take the two or three on someone's back pack though, even if I don't get the purpose. And there are those green day "kiss me" shirts. But hey, whatever and however this came out...I JUST DON'T GET IT.
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