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just touch yourself

Hey what a weekend!! OOo the drama...oo the fun!!

I went to Dorothy and Noels and that was flippin awesome. Brittany and Jessica was there. it was totally swicked. I loved it.

My cousin came over and i thought it would be crap but we actually worked some shit out and were cool. We had a midnight cheeto run. And we talked. Today I went to my Aunt Maries funeral home thingy and i made friends with another cousin i never talked to. And i really talked to Amanda it was awesome. We talked about her plans, shes preganant and shes going to college to be an dental hygenist (spelling?) and Im soo proud of her. And i drove there (woop) down one of my favorite roads too (eastern parkway, i love all the parkways) and i bout gave my grandma a heartattack

But yet Ive felt like crap lately for soo many reasons. One is a song youve heard from me before...i would like some one...in short terms...to have and like hug and kiss and stuff, but not really boyffriend. I dont have anyone like that, and no one in the cards. Plus im just plain lonely and pissed off most of the time and too much work. I got into a big fight with tanner and Im still upset with some of the stuff he said when i thought he would understand but instead he yelled at me. I think were still cool but we got a lot of Shit out and hopefully thats been flushed down the toilet. Still i didnt like the fight, it hurt, and it burdened me because i didnt feel he was really hearing me at times. And i still feel like maybe this is the fallout, maybe nothing will be the same with me anymore, too much shit too many changes.........................................................FUCK.

well fuck the world then
in the words of Marilyn Manson
"just cut our wrists, like cheap coupins, and say that death was on sale today"

Well i have LRS Fest to look forward too.

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Stop it. Stop feeling like crap. Ice cream is so much better than boys. Try butter peacan.
aww thanks!! yeah i feel better now about guys, for some reason today, i just dropped em all...its nice. and i think ill try that ice cream thing i love butter pecan!
so u have butta pecan....can I have some?
sadly...no...my mom is on a diet and she hardl ever buys us good icecream...ut i can dream.
dream on, dream on