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yay for gay! (happy)

Welp I'm bored...so I'm going to give my livejournal contribution woot.

I've just been to Mcdonalds...exciting, got my food intake though hooray.

I'm listening to My iPod...because I'm cool like that.

And Tiffany invited me over tonight, and we are going to play with her new PS2 and with Harry Potter games...and we are going to watch movies that make us want to kill ourselves with the crazyness of them all, and listen to my iPod really loud, and maybe sleep hopefully because we all know how much i love my sleep.

I'm in love with the genius of Zach Braff and his beauty. It's too bad that he's 30. damn the timing.

Well that's my day in a nut shell, slightly...I also watched Monty Python's Flying Circus. Here are some quotes.

"I'm a lumberjack and that's ok, I sleep all night and I work all day"

"The Palandrome for Bolton is Notlob!"

"This is silly"


"You're no fun anymore"
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