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What an interesting night. It was a lonely one. And the only other people around were Leah and Tiffany. The oh so humble Leah and Tiffany. Oh, what an orgy (of stupid comments).

- "Hey look at the stars!"
"What st-...oh those stars."
- "Oh great! You just made my hair worse, or maybe more sexy who knows?"
- "Between your mumbling and her face...priceless."
- "Holy crap that was good!"
- "I flew."
"I blew."

TOO MUCH DDR!!! IF I HEAR THAT SECRET DIVING SONG ONE MORE TIME I WILL...... do something bad. And they forced me to watch the O.C., and them peoples are weird. Tiffany keeps scaring me. She says the looks are justified, but I'm not sure I believe her.

Everyone should come to Emily's house to see her pimp halloween decorations (care of Tiffany and Leah). Especially the barbie in the front yard. It's very nice. The Cody and Nick Mini-Me's were kind of creeped out by it. That made it all the more loverly.

Aron Road is the new Wisteria Lane!! PIMP!!! There are scandals and illegitimate children and the like. It's highly intriguing.

I got made fun of when I woke up. They said I had Fairdale hair. And Ralph said he would kick my ass if I called him "sir" again.

Check you later pimp-ass mother-fuckers!!!!!!!
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