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california here we come, right back where we started from....

Welll...I was thinking today. but, Pleasure Ridge Park, yes the place where I live. Dosen't kinda sound like the name of a condom to you?? OR even better a pornO??? i mean come on pleasure ridge?? huh huh? yeah disgusting i know but hey i can have my perverted times.

My lasting of memory of Kenneth.

Kenneth: "Yo spongebob is gangsta"
boy: "no he's not"
Kenneth: "what cho talkin bout fool?"

I shall remember you kenneth, all though you will never read this, but you have literally set a fire alight in peoples hearts. hehe. But if he ever did i officially thank him for being a man and saving me and four hours from suspension or expulsion...i always thought he was a cool guy deep down.

Ook...so me and my dad had a talk today, and I told him that I had a C in Pre-Cal, not bad i thought, but of course he made it seem worse. I told him that my dream college was UCLA. And that i pretty much wouldnt get in without a scholarship and i can't get a scholarship with Cs in Pre-Cal. That made me kinda sad. I definately (if i go to college at all) don't want to go to an in-state school. I have dreamed of cali since i was six and wanted to go to UCLA since ive heard of it. My dad preceded to say that california and LA were only great for the rich. EVERYONE says this, that you can't really make it in Cali you'll live a hard life. I know this, i still want to go. I want to live there. But my problem now is...how?

Guess I'll just have to start being serious...shit.
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