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I daydream about being a slut...Lol jk

Well there's not TOO much in my life I can really speak about. For once I've been getting stressed and angry when I used to be deficient? good sign? who knows...

Well i have a lot of sexual tension in the air if anyone cares....just thought i should mention. This is just fucking ripping me apart

When I do get married (if I do) I do really hope my song Is Rape Me...dream come TRUE

I love movies...and ifs theres anything about me that pisses you off I DONT GIVE A SHIT

I burned a letter of Sierra's the other day that she gave me. Last of her I believe. I went to quick recall today and Brandy joined which was soo awesome. I'm glad me and her got to talk guite a bit it was really a bunch of fun. And Mr.Tatum is tolerating me for the time being. YAY! Well my life is dull more when it happens or if I get the courage to mention nething actually cool going on.

OO AND GRRRRR TO TIFFANY AND KRISTEN TODAY FOR FUCKING KICKING ME OFF THE TABLE SO...HORRIBLY. I would have fucking moved but they didnt have to wave goodbye as soon as ising mentioned it. But trust me I got back at them and i had support. But yeah that little bit just throughly pissed me off...unfortunately i will still probably talk to them (as i did kristen today but that was for answers)...since they will always be there, in this big badtaste of a couple.
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