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Regestration and Shopping

YAY my moms back home, she's still pretty sick, and shes probably gonna have to go back but at least shes back.

Today was a busy day, first there was registration...I seriously wook up to the wall by pink floyd on my alarm clock, and the line was "We don't need no education"...EXACTLY how i was feeling. I wore a hoodie and everyone asked if I was hot and i felt comfy. I got to see sooo many people, Tonya, Tanner, Viktoriya, Jackie, Diane, Samantha, losta people. I mostly hung with Tonya. and yay my id isnt that half bad! I saw Sierra, but the most I got out of her was this look between a glance and an Evil Maneating Stare...but hey no big.

Then My mom and grandma took me shopping, I got some awesome stuff. I got two blue jeans, Three shirts which I LOVE (two from the boys section lol and an actual girly shirt! havent gotten one of those in AWHILE) I got a pretty memo board for my pictures, and the new Seether cd, and some clothes for dance, and Johnny Depp folders (tee hee). Now i have just enuf for a new backpack from the mall. And the gma bought us Rallys, and then we went home and cleaned the house.

well woop woop buh bye to those i love and love me back!
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